Thanks you guys

June 17, 2010

Hi Guys

Like I said before, I wouldn’t be posting much on here anymore. And I haven’t. But thanks again for looking at The Super Sorcerer. I appreciate it.

~The Super Sorcerer 🙂


Please, Please! Pay attention to this

February 15, 2010

Anyone who uses this blog, it will be temporarily moved to

This is where I post EVERYTHING now. I know everyone loves this blog (according to my comments) and I want people to keep enjoying my posts. But in order to do THAT, I need everyone to go to my other blog, The Super Sorcerer.

Thanks for your understanding! 🙂

Don’t forget!!

February 7, 2010

Don’t forget! Check my other blog regularly, I am not on WordPress much!

Thanks anyway guys!!!

~Alex PixieCatcher


January 26, 2010

Sorry for not being on here much, I have been using my blogger blog,

( and I suggest going there instead of here, not that I don’t prefer wordpress, but I am on Blogger much, much more. Thanks for understanding. ~The Super Socerer

Just letting you know

January 7, 2010

My new blog URL is

The the Wizard101CP news site now. I changed the URL. Thanks.

New Numa Group Christmas Song

December 22, 2009

LOL Awesome Video! LOL

December 22, 2009