CP Cheats

These Are The Catalog Cheats,

For the Penguin Awards Backround, In the costume trunk catalog, page one, click the penguin trophy to get the backround for sixty coins.


To get the Pot-o-gold, in the Penguin Style Catalog, Click the big pot of gold in the background. The Pot-o-gold should pop up for two-hundred coins.


To get the Pink Boa, On the introduction to the play awards, It will say more on the bottom of the page, click it, and the Pink Boa will show up for Three-hundred coins.


10 Responses to CP Cheats

  1. matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. romeo says:

    which month and year was the Pot O’ Gold background in?

  3. do you know how to get 100000 gold fast when your a lvl 8 balance wizard

    • Alex says:

      The best suggestion I have is battle all the available bosses that you can get to, then sell all of the things you don’t like that you got. Pretty much saying farm.

  4. im trying to buy a myth house because i like it the most even though im a balance wizard…take a tour of 1 sometime…

  5. andrew dragontamer-balance school says:

    how do i lvl up when i am a lvl 18 balance student in krok. i Just cant lvl up that fast anymore

    • Alex says:

      If you have a subscription/crowns, then you should be able to continue to receive quests throughout Krokotopia. Otherwise, you’re stuck until you are able to purchase a subscription. Don’t worry, this happened to me too!

  6. Logan DarkrRider says:

    I think pvp should be for anyone instead of members.

    • Linda says:

      pvp is for anyone, if you’re talking about the practice ones. and for the ranked ones, you don’t necessarily have to be a member, you can also just have 80 crowns.
      You should check out the Wizard101 Forum, it has lots of wizard101 activities and in august 2012, it gave out 5000 crowns to one lucky person!

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